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Pilot Diary is one of the best innovative companies offering a collection of top-quality smoking accessories. The company is founded by two friends who grew up together as playmates from childhood. But the interesting thing is that these two boys kept rubbing minds on how to add value to people’s life and wellbeing. Now, the creation of Pilot Diary is a dream come true! Our mission At Pilot Diary, our simple mission is to make it easy for people to discover more about the wonderful world of one-stop solution cannabis accessories in one friendly place. Our greatest interest is to help customers derive maximum satisfaction from our customization services and limited editions of dabbing products, parts, and accessories. We reconcile with the artistic spirit of every dabber and we work to provide a wide array of fun-filled creative designs to inspire and take your smoking experience to a new level. We are also bent on establishing a fun and secure shopping experience, allowing you to get your orders as fast as possible in a safe and stress-free manner. What We Do We provide the best quality of water pipes, including dab rigs, bongs, and bubblers. We also have collections of wax pens and dab pens, honey straws, bong attachments, dab accessories, smoking gear and dab containers, and other parts. Our team works tirelessly to ensure we provide unique dabbing glassware and accessories to satisfy our esteemed customers. And that’s why our products are well-curated solutions in response to the common needs of every smoking enthusiast. We Are Excited to Stand Out For the past few years, it has been about giving every vaper and dabber the best shopping experience from our diligently curated store. We have grown to become a trusted brand because of the enjoyable relationship we have built with our customers, partners, friends, competitors, and even our co-workers. At Pilot Diary, we uphold the goal of the vaping industry, which is to help every cigarette smoker to quit smoking and switch to the safe alternative called vape products. We firmly support vaping and stand with several movements to make the use of vape products legal for all adults. We Keep It Simple for You You can imagine having a store that searches the globe for you and offers you the most extensive selection of the best concentrate-related products. That’s what we enjoy doing- all our products are hand-picked to meet your common vaping needs, from the wax pens & dap pens, and silicone nectar collectors (which are our most popular products) to our one-of-a-kind bongs, bubblers, and dab rigs. We also offer you the best dab kits and nectar collectors made from silicone, glass, and metal. You can easily pick your choice of bong attachments and dab accessories, from the bowl screens, ash catchers, glass adapters, to the carb caps, dab trays, dab mats, grinders, 510 batteries, cleaning tools, etc. Shop with Us Today! At Pilot Diary, we have all our inventory in house and you get your product shipped on the same day you place your order. You can always expect a fast and secure checkout which is followed by a confirmatory email containing your tracking information. We have one of the highest-rated customer services in the industry and we’re always ready to help you get the best shopping experience. We’re so convinced that you’d enjoy our services and recommend us to your friends and loved ones. Thanks.

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