Since she was a little girl, International Fantasy Artist, Linda Biggs, had a gifted way of seeing the world. Her eyes reflected a sparkle of brilliant colors—like illuminated rainbows streaming through a spring rain. Nature in its unfolding beauty inspired her, pushed her to feel and embrace all things animated and sensual, as well as all things ethereal and pure. Experiencing life and seeking the truth was part of her soul, an effervescent sprite, bursting at the heart with unbridled energy and warmth. But artists with a passion to live and explore invite a different sort of reality—an opening to a darker side. Embracing the world meant embracing it all, and when the gate to the heart is opened, even the dark spirits can enter in.

For some time, Linda knew that a wall of pain had quietly and secretly surrounded her. From her castle keep, she drew her inspiration from her beautiful daughters and she lived her “so called” happy life.  Her rainbow works were published internationally in books, magazines and licensed products. She authored an exclusive book “Her Rainbow World” where she mystified her collectors with fantastic watercolors. And from within those walls; from behind that locked gate, she poured out her soul with every stroke of her brush. Collectors loved the expression. They loved it because it was real. Finally, here was a woman who expressed herself from both in front of—and behind—the masks we all wear. We all secretly yearn. Haven’t we all felt trapped?

That fortress gate couldn’t lock her in forever. The force that kept her bound had only so much strength. Like a volcano, her rainbow was about to explode. No one, not even those who loved her most, had a clue this was about to occur. Once the gates were broken, the walls crumbled and everything dark and painful was unleashed. Her rainbow mist faded to a steady rain.

In those depths, Linda embraced her art. She let the rain wash all that was false and corrupt into a deep, dark hole.  She watched all of that pain drift away and she kicked the gate shut with her mighty boots. From there, a new black and white style of art has risen up.  It’s fresh. It’s honest. It has no boundaries—no rules. It sees into and through all that we want to be and all that we are. It is purely, black and white.

Linda’s work tells her dramatic story. It’s a new chapter blossoming from the rainbow magic she once created. Her past is now a surreal tale; her own fairietale.  This new work is sobering, soothing, harsh, yet beautiful – like stones in a river, tumbling over and over, life sometimes wears you to a smooth and beautiful patina. This new portfolio reveals loss, love and a renewed spirit. It’s exciting and well earned.  Linda Biggs’ new art offers us a new strength and a new reality.  With her art as her sword, all the masks are destroyed and gone, forever.

Green Promise

The Linda Biggs Art studio, is a green company reusing and recyling as much as possible. We recycle all ink cartridges, plastic and paper. Please do your personal part and adopt the re-use, restore philosophy.

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