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They don't pay for shipping services

I am extremely disappointed with the experience I had with this company. We have shipped freight for them and unfortunately, they have not paid us for our services. Despite numerous attempts to contact them through emails and calls, they have completely ignored us. It is unacceptable for a company to not fulfill their financial obligations, especially when we have provided them with a service. We have put in time, effort, and resources into shipping their freight, and to not receive payment for it is not only frustrating but also unfair. What is even more frustrating is the fact that they have completely ignored our attempts to reach out to them. We have sent multiple emails and made several phone calls, but they have not responded to any of them. This lack of communication and disregard for our efforts is unprofessional and disrespectful. As a business, we rely on timely payments to keep our operations running smoothly. The fact that this company has not paid us for our services has caused a significant inconvenience for us. It is not only a financial loss, but it also reflects poorly on our business. I would strongly advise others to be cautious when working with this company. Their failure to pay for services rendered and lack of communication is a red flag and raises concerns about their reliability and professionalism. In conclusion, our experience with this company has been extremely disappointing. We have shipped freight for them, and they have not paid us for our services. Their lack of communication and disregard for our attempts to contact them is unacceptable. I hope that they will rectify this issue and make the necessary payments as soon as possible.

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